For its 2021 exhibitions and festivals, La Biennale di Venezia is staging a series of special Tuesday events for Hotel Excelsior guests. Each is designed to enhance participants’ experience of La Biennale’s festivals and exhibitions and are led by La Biennale di Venezia’s professionals. The events take place at Hotel Excelsior, with an average duration of one hour.

Workshop Dates

DANCING - 20 & 27 July 2021

"Dancing Buildings"

The workshop addresses the sense of self and otherness, by questioning through performance received views about the body, the built environment and atmosphere. Bodily motion and performance are used to explore the sense of agency in children and adults.

ARCHITECTURE - 3 & 10 August 2021

"Together: A Close Encounter with the 17th International Architecture Exhibit"

The presentation explores the main topics and individual sections of La Biennale di Venezia’s 17th International Architecture Exhibition, “How Will We Live Together?”, directed by Hashim Sarkis (22 May - 21 Nov 2021). It introduces its format and main projects in relation to the five different scales of human coexistence: body, household, community, border and planet.

CINEMA - 17 & 24 August 2021

"Once upon a Time at the Lido: A Walk through the History of the Venice Film Festival"

The presentation addresses the birth and main episodes in the life of the “Mostra”, the oldest film festival in the world, by illustrating its iconic venues at the Lido di Venezia. From the Hotel Excelsior itself to the Palazzo del Cinema in the 1930s, through subsequent projects and transformations, to celebrating one of the world’s most prestigious Film Festivals.


Archivio Storico della Biennale di Venezia - ASAC
Photo Andrea Avezzù - Jacopo Salvi

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